Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy was the first “joke” of my Daily Shill Mission. I’d describe my challenge to someone, they’d say something like “Oh, that’s really cool,” and I’d say, “Yeah, but I have to watch Tooth Fairy,” and then we’d groan. I’d put it off for weeks, but a few days ago, I did what I had to do and watched the movie.

Despite the jokes, I was determined to approach it with an open mind. I was going to give it two ratings: one for my current feelings about it, and one for how I think I would’ve rated it as a kid. But then, as I was watching Tooth Fairy, I realized there were no original ideas in the movie and my open mind was gone.

The most obvious parallel is The Santa Clause. In that movie, a disbeliever (played by Tim Allen) finds himself stuck being Santa Claus—the job that he insisted didn’t exist. After resistance, he embraces the job, and not only believes himself, but helps others to believe. Replace “Tim Allen” with “Dwayne Johnson” and “Santa Claus” with “Tooth Fairy” and you’ve got the plot of Tooth Fairy. However, it doesn’t have the heart or the holiday excitement that The Santa Clause has.

That, of course, is the main parallel but there are also hints of Love Actually (boy close to the protagonist is a good musician, but afraid to perform in the talent show, but with encouragement from the protagonist, wows everyone in the show) and Finding Nemo (main character has fin/shoulder injury that keeps him from doing things, but by the end of the movie, he realizes it’s all in his head and that he can achieve what he tries to do).

Also, Tooth Fairy just wasn’t good. Its redeeming factor was that there weren't any fart jokes. It gets a 1/5. If you feel like some Tooth Fairy related entertainment, though, let me recommend Gregory Maguire’s book What the Dickens. It’s one of those books that can be enjoyed equally by children and adults, and it presents a new point of view about the job of Tooth Fairy. Also, it is one of three non-Daily Show books I have read this year.

Watch Jon Stewart's interview with Julie Andrews. (I just love her. Watch this interview instead of watching the movie).

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