Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot in Cleveland (Day of Reviews, Post 5)

I thought Sex and the City 2 would be the worst thing I’d watch today, but I was wrong. That place was taken by Hot in Cleveland, TV land’s original sitcom. It bases itself on this premise: three ladies traveling from LA to France have to emergency-land in Cleveland and decide to stay because the guys there find them hot. Every joke is broad and heavy-handed, but the laugh track (or, possibly, the live studio audience) eats them up. I, however, did not.

Betty White is the show’s silver lining. Her timing manages to make a few of the bad jokes tolerable, but even she can’t save them all.

I was really hoping to give this show a 4, since then I would’ve given one of each rating to everything I reviewed today. But, you know, that’s clearly not going to happen here. It’s getting a 1/5.

Watch Jon Stewart’s interview with Betty White. (Watch it. She is a delight)

Watch Hot in Cleveland on Hulu

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