Friday, July 9, 2010

Y Not (Day of Reviews, Post 4)

I love the Beatles. And the role that Ringo Starr played in the band was the perfect place for him. He can’t quite pull off being the front man/songwriter like he attempts to in his album Y Not.

Generally, I’d say the music of Y Not isn’t bad, particularly the guitar-heavy songs like “Fill in the Blanks” and “Peace Dreams.” The lyrics, though, are unmoving and predictable. It’s an album you can play the “Guess what the last word of the next lyric is Game” and win every time. And the title track, “Y Not,” was just terrible all around: music, lyrics, and misspelling a word on purpose.

If you’re a big Ringo Starr fan, you probably know what you’re getting and would enjoy the CD. If you’re not, I wouldn’t lead you to it. It gets a 2/5.

Watch Ringo Starr play "Walk With You" on the Daily Show.

He also played With a Little Help From My Friends

Buy the CD

And now I’ve reviewed the entire month of January. Progress! There may be one more review today, but this is probably the last one. Have a super weekend!

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